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Pillow ONLY (with fluffy insert): Buffalo Check Gingham

Pillow ONLY (with fluffy insert): Buffalo Check Gingham

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START HERE! This is our interchangeable pillow you NEVER put away!   Grab this one or any of our cute charcoal stripes, burlap or gray stripes pillow and build your own collection of panels that store the back pocket! (Panels not included in this pillow) 

(Panels not included in this pillow): This is the pillow only that includes white polyester insert (the poofy part of the pillow) and back zipper pocket. The 4 buttons on the front are for attaching/interchanging any of our add-on panels that store in the back pocket!

Be sure to grab an extra because there are soooo many cute panels right now that you will want to coordinate them together at the same time or for gifts-on-hand!

Panels sold separately at the front of the store. 



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