SEASONAL BUNDLE SET: Gray/White Stripes Pillow (comes with foam insert and these 4 panels in back pocket); Winter Spring Summer Fall Autumn

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Seasonal Set w/ GRAY STRIPES Pillow (comes with: pillow and these 4 seasons, inside back pocket) ADD A MATCHING RUNNER TOO!

Just swap out the front and put it in the back!

YES!**  You get all FOUR SEASON panels shown that are stored in the back zipper pocket!   CHECK OUT OUR "HOLIDAY and LIMITED EDITION ADD-ON PANELS" to fill in between seasons!  

Unique gift for birthdays, weddings, graduates, BFFs, any holiday or event to celebrate!   This space-saving burlap pillow never has to leave its spot!  The wood-grained buttons on the front attach the panels as the seasons change! 

Pillow dimensions: approx. 12" tall x 22" long.  So cute on an bench, an old chair, mantel, recliner.. intended for indoor use.

Yes - they are washable, if panel shrinks, iron the back of it and pull - it will stretch back to it's approx size.  Any ironing needs to be on the back of the panel, not on the paint/design side.